katia and kyliemac get blogged
katia and kyliemac get blogged

The one where we learn about pastries...

Apparently educational field trips have become the name of the game in the Katia and Kyliemac Empire these days. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to head over to a real French pastry shop with a real pastry chef : the delightful Camille!

Baby Pain au Chocolat (aka Pain Choc)

Pain au chocolat ready to go into the ovens.

Pain au Chocolat ready to be enjoyed!

"Pain Choc" ready to be enjoyed!

Baby Chou

Baby Choux for the Pièce Montée

Pièce Montée being "mounted"

This is harder than it looks.

Sugar Rose

This is made from...

Sugar waiting to be transformed.

...this. It takes a bit of skill. And practice.

The top.

It takes a while to construct one of these. It's definitely not a last minute undertaking.

Prepped to Decorate

Delicious goodies ready to be prepped.


Chocolates! This room smelled so delicious, it was hard to resist "sampling" one.

Special deliciousness for Mother's Day

We watched these Mother's day treats get finished.

Some of the Goodies!

This view is one of the benefits of living in Paris.

More Yum.

Tarte aux fraises. Best when in season. Like now.


Hungry yet?

Obviously we couldn't go home empty handed, so we made a selection of four goodies to sample on the show. We thought four was very "sage" and not too gluttonous. It was a bit hard to narrow it down, however...

Here's what we chose:

Taste test


"Symphonie" - obviously chosen since it shares the same name as our resident menace.


Fraisier - one that you will find in a lot of French pastry shops!

St. Honoré

St. Honoré - another typical pastry you'll commonly find.


Karamba (hoped I spelled that right) - my favorite of the day, with caramel and pears!

If you want to hear read more about Camille's adventures, you can head over to her blog at croquecamille.wordpress.com!

You can hear our interview with the delightful Camille on episode 441 and episode 442!

6 Jun, 2011
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